Whether it’s from the runways, movie screens, or the busy city streets, fashion people always look for daily inspiration for getting dressed. If you’ve taken a look at Instagram and Tiktok social media feeds, there’s an undeniable set of trends that I keep seeing on the fashion set over and over again—and will continue in 2023. There are so many trends I could focus on, but I decided to pick four I’ve seen most often recently—Neutral “Clean Girl” Dressing, Barbiecore, Balletcore, and Monochromatic.

If you’ve wanted to tap into some of these popular trends, I’ve done the heavy lifting and identified some top-notch product selections that hit the nail right on the head. Ahead shop stylish pics across these trends including the perfect striped sweater, monochromatic outfit building blocks, chic ballet flats, and pretty pink styles.

It’s no secret that a solid combination of elevated basics and closet staples creates a sleek and refined look. This trend really hones in on the power of foundational wardrobe pieces that can mix n match and fit seamlessly with a wide variety of outfits. 

With the popularity surrounding the upcoming “Barbie” film, there’s been a rise in fashion-loving folks sporting pretty pink styles with “It Girl” energy. This trend can obviously be achieved by donning confidence-boosting pink-colored clothing, but a little dash of attitude sprinkled on top also helps pull the look together. 

The recent influx of folks inspired by the classic dance style is undeniable. The resurgence of ballet flats is further proof of that. The trend also encompasses wearing ballet-dancer-like clothing styles as well including, bodysuits, legwarmers, shrugs, light pink garments, wrap sweaters, and more. 

There’s something so chic about simultaneously wearing clothing pieces of a similar color. It’s an easy way to look put-together no matter if you’re outfit is formal or on the more casual side. Monochromatic outfitting just keeps on getting more and more popular each year with all-white and all-brown outfits having a particularly special moment in the current zeitgeist.  

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By Carly20