The Role Of Cbd Against Covid-19

COVID-19 is still among us, unfortunately, and remains a very serious problem worldwide. Other lockdown restrictions are coming for most of us ahead of the coronavirus’ second wave. The most developed countries are still trying to bring a definitive vaccine into the market to ease the crisis. There are still high hopes that the development of a coronavirus vaccine will arrive soon. But, during that time we must take care of ourselves in other ways.

Besides putting our masks on, washing our hands frequently, maintaining a social distance, and following other safety guidelines people are searching for other natural remedies to protect themselves from coronavirus. Lately, there is one interesting compound that is taking most of the attention, CBD. Most of you already know a thing or two about CBD but here you will find more about its effectiveness against coronavirus.

The Potential Of Cbd To Fight Covid-19 And The Latest Research On The Field

CBD or cannabidiol is the most active ingredient of Cannabis Sativa strain called hemp. Hemp is legal in most countries under a simple condition, less than 0.3% THC on it. What other people call industrial hemp can produce more than 20% CBD and is the only plant able to do so. CBD’s therapeutic properties were the main factor in the increase of research in recent years. After the coronavirus conquered us, the research of CBD took another road, it’s potential to fight Covid-19.

Long story short, the latest research shows that CBD may help fight coronavirus. According to recent research from Canada, people with higher levels of CBD reduce the effect of coronavirus on their bodies. The research was possible after examining hundreds of cannabis varieties because these contain CBD. In fact, Cannabis Sativa strain hemp is high in CBD and is the perfect plant to help study CBD. Scientists are now able to develop this cannabis compound into preventative treatments. One of them can be mouthwash products for home use and clinical use.

What Does The Research Say About Cbd And Covid-19?

The research about the potential of CBD to fight coronavirus shows that strains such as hemp which is high on CBD can act as a barrier against Covid-19. CBD is able to stop proteins that open the door for Covid-19 to enter our body. Coronavirus can enter the host cells by the enzyme II (ACE3) and affect the lungs or kidneys.

Without a doubt, the most important property of CBD is that it is non-psychoactive, thus does not cause addiction. That means CBD, unlike THC, will not get the users “high” and cause negative side effects. Such property makes CBD really researchable to find other fields in which it can help. The therapeutic properties of CBD are many, the list is large and it is getting larger after each study. And the overall usage of CBD is massive too, among many industries. The health industry is the one who is benefiting the most but other industries such as the wellness industry are not behind either.


In today’s market, there are tons of beauty and wellness products that contain CBD. CBD oil skincare products, in particular, are trending these days, but not only. CBD comes in many different ways and forms, including oils, creams, vape, etc. With this in mind, you may have a clear idea of CBD’s spread and usage. Long story short, CBD is a massive compound with tremendous potential. Its increase in the market is expected to be more than 400% in the next 4 or 5 years.

In conclusion, we must say that other parties are continuously examining CBD’s medical potential to fight coronavirus. Further studies will be able to verify CBD-containing solutions against Covid-19. CBD is the reason why people are starting to see cannabis derivatives positively.

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