I Found the 21 Best Sweaters on Amazon so You Can Get on With Your Life

When you type “women’s sweaters” into the Amazon search bar, over 30k results populate, which is far too many for one sweater-loving person to navigate. But I’m always up for a challenge, so I tackled those search results so you, my friends, don’t have to.

So why shop for sweaters on Amazon, when literally every e-tailer is fully stocked with plenty of them right now, you ask? I think you know the answer to that—they’re cheap and fast (which is a big bonus since it was in the low 20s on the East Coast this morning.).

I sorted through the offerings through the lens of the biggest winter sweater trends, as well as the classics (e.g., camel sweaters and turtlenecks) to ensure that you’re armed with a well-rounded sweater collection this winter. I’ll get on with it now because if you order ASAP, you might even receive your chosen one before the weekend. (Bonus: I interspersed some excellent styling inspiration among the highly shoppable sweaters.)

This cardigan is so good, I don’t know how we’re all supposed to decide which color to buy.

The fit of this is just perfect.

This gets crazy-good reviews.

Such a classic.

I’m obsessed with this beautiful shade of blue.

Cozy and looks good with skinny jeans. Win-win.

So versatile! Slip-on under all your blazers and fall jackets.

It’s all about the balloon sleeves this year.

Perfect for leisurely winter weekends.

Great quality for a $26 sweater.

As the name suggests, this looks quite cozy.

We love this Amazon private brand for their elevated sweaters.

Pair this cable-knit with similar ivory hues for a luxe fall look.

Just the thing to wear with high-waisted jeans.

Save this for the coldest winter days.

Add a pop of color to your autumn ensemble.

I’m very impressed by how expensive this looks.

I love a good cableknit.

Collared polo-style sweaters are trending, and this one is super comfy.

Get on board with the sweater vest trend.

You can’t go wrong with a good black-and-white sweater.

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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