Before I even had a chance to jot down my goals for the year or create my new mood board, fashion editors were already translating this year’s runway trends to the streets. I could write a lengthy list of all of the trends bound to dominate and define wardrobes in 2023, but right now, balletcore has all of my attention.

Riding on the heels of the “ultra pretty” trend that gave us frills, sheer fabrics, and rosette details, balletcore is delicate, versatile, and easy to wear. Urban Outfitters just launched a collection that’s reminiscent of the looks you sported at your childhood dance classes, but with a mature edge. Ballet flats, leg warmers, knit shrugs, and so much more are now sitting in my cart while I swap notes with my fellow editors about what we should buy. (We even took a ballet class together to seal the deal.) So far, these 20 pieces are our top picks. Keep scrolling to see for yourself!

By Carly20